Email spamming; Fixing email spamming

Token system can be used to avoid spamming. Using token , the server side code will be able to authorize the request before processing.

1. Create the token[long alphanumeric number] on page load on server side and send it to client where it will be a hidden input.
2. Create a session-variable and store the token value in it.
3. Client when requesting again will send the hidden input token with HTTP request.
4. On server side the session-variable token and the token from client side will be match.
5. If matched then process the request and create a new token again and also store it to session-variable.
6. if not matched the throw error message.

Try the application. Below is the Demo link and the source code.

Demo Download source

Web service Security{REST/SOAP}

  • Basic Authentication: Sending Base64-encoded combination of username:password to the Webservice  server. ex: base64(vaibs:polo) will be something like  “NJjks2njL8” . On server side the same info will be decoded to check for the authentication with database/LDAP/Any other Auth medium. More secure ways to authenticate is Digest(MD). Client send md5 hashe username:password combination to the WS server. WS server

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