New and enhanced feature in JDK family [covered jdk 1.5 to 1.8]

What’s new in JDK 1.5 over 1.4 !

1. Generics {Compile}
2. Annotations {suppress ,override, deprecated….}
3. Enumerations
4. Variable arguments{void test(String…)}
5. Changes in concurrency utilities.Now includes high-level concurrency APIs.{ java.util.concurrent}
6. Autoboxing and Unboxing
7. Static imports {less keystrokes/time and the same outcomes.}
8. forEach loop {Beautify the existing for loop usage while iterating over collections}

What’s new in JDK 1.6 over 1.5 !
No new Language features

1. Rhino{JavaScript engine} included with java. Feature let the java and script talk to each other.{implements java.script APIs}
2. Support for scripting languages framework like python ruby.
3. Jdbc 4 support provide improved XML support for database.
4. Java DB included with the platform.{Featured,Transactional,Portable,Compact}
5. Jaas support for LDAP-based authentication.
6. Improved memory usage analysis and leak detection

What’s new in JDK 1.7 over 1.6 !

1. try with resource statement.

2. Switch case on Strings

3. Type Inference for Generic Instance Creation.

4. Static methods to compare byte int long Boolean included .

5. Calendar class added with useful static methods.
6. Enhancements in Java Reflection.
7. InetAddress.getLoopbackAddress() added.

8. Changes in ProcessBuilder class.
9. Catch Block Handling Multiple Exceptions.

10. NOI.2 API included.{Alternative to Java IO/Networking}
11. API changes in existing elliptic curve encryption.

What’s new in JDK 1.8 over 1.7 !

1. Lambda expressions that benefits in Parallel operations on sorting, operation while iterating collections.
2. Oracle Nashorn{Java + JavaScript engine based on Mozilla Rhino} is included to speedup intercommunication b/w server side javascript[POST request] and Java layer. It is spread as Node JS killer because Node js is doing the same thing with more complex way,
3. New date / time APIs included.
4. Enhancements in Repeated annotations.


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  1. Though it was a very brief explanation, liked the summary of features put on one single post. Would be good if you can link the features as well. 🙂

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