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Test for the XSS Online. Just put the URL and test for the XSS Tester.

XSS Tester exploits the ‘same-origin-policy’ concept of web applications to allow hackers to extract information from the system. XSS is a ONLINE website TESTER, SCANNER.

XSS Tester, Scanner online free


Click below link to test for the XSS.
Test XSS

Click the link to test for the XSS SCANNER.

XSS Test is an incredibly common vulnerability, and while often appearing trivial, through modern exploitation techniques it can be used in a range of ways: from acting on behalf of application users, stealing identities in the application, redirecting traffic or even introducing fake content into a corporate website. Just as other exploits that have developed over the years, counter-measures have also been added. Unfortunately, attackers have adapted themselves too.

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