One time self destructing link to share secure data using php

When you want to share some data and it should be expired after the number of view then take a look at this work.

The below demo will generate a link which will be expired after single view.

This is fofG.php which generate links. DB schema at the bottom.

This is fofAuth.php which will render the data you want to share and can be viewed only once.

schema name “fof”

Demo – Link Generator


I am a PHP Lover

They say PHP’s biggest strength is its omnipresence and easy to do behavior. Since anything can be achieved using PHP, it runs on every current OS out there.I see it has a blessing and a curse. PHP’s biggest weak point is that it is easy to learn.

I still see horrible, insecure PHP W-apps out there. Many of the Non-developers picked it up and didn’t know to consider security. It has created the perception that PHP itself is insecure when the problem was within the frameworks and modules built upon top of it.

Although Facebook/Yahoo has taken PHP to a scale beyond the consideration and even better, as they’ve tackled issues with caching, deployment and operations etc. and shared most of it back with the world as well.