Form submission using LifeRay MVC

Came around a task to raise Jira tickets and view existing Jira tickets using Liferay Framework. Started with creating two POC.

First POC is Portlet with Task submission that goes directly into schema on MYSql using Liferay MVC.

Liferay Portlet Form
Liferay MVC Data Layer with MYSql

Project structure screenshot at the bottom.
Lets Create a new Portlet named IssueLiferayMVC.
Follow link to create one. Creating a new Portlet


Lets create jsp form containing inputs related to a task/Bug. Make the entries by replacing view.jsp with raise_issue.jsp

Lets create MVC structure

Create DTO named

Create a DAO class to intercommunicate with DB using simple jdbc.

Create a Controller class to intercommunicate between Portlet and DTO,DAO.

Source of IssueLiferayMVC servlet that interacts with the portlet view and Controller.

Output jsp that get the response from the servlet and displays result.

Portlet,jsps entries into below config xml files

LFMVC1Project Structure

Hit server,add the portlet to the layout after login. Below screenshot shows the view ,inputs and outputs.
LFMVC3raise_issue.jsp[portlet view]LFMVC4display_Issue.jspLFMVC5DB entry

Another Portlet. Form submission using LifeRay MVC. POC 1

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